Lantern Review | Issue 6

Michelle Chan Brown

My Kind

glamorizes the mongrel, and eats the dog,
or grooms the dog and spiffs it

in lace Victoriana, permits it sleep between.
My kind considers bestiality a form

of chaste. My kind is a good lay
person and poor driver, missed the notice

about labor. Don’t let them see you sweat,
or bleed when you’re run over! My kind wore

two layers of underwear in case of an accident.
But the forces’ aims are clear as Chantilly.

The slips of my kind are showing
no matter how elegant their skirts.

My kind deems sterilization courtesy.
Our restaurant kitchens do not pass inspection.

My kind can’t hold their liquor like the other
obligatory guests. My kind, too kind, too busy

balancing the checkbook to gauge the bouncer’s
standards of etiquette.