Lantern Review | Issue 9.3

9.3: Asian American Futures, ”Reclamation“


Eugenia Leigh
2021 Guest Editor

Iris A. Law
Editor and Cofounder

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Associate Editor and Cofounder

Indrani Sengupta
Senior Staff Reader

Karen Zheng
Staff Reader

Lantern Review | ISSN 2474-2058
Issue 9, No. 3 (Dec 2021)

Cover Art

Photo of Sophia Zhao Flavor
Mixed media, 2019
Sophia Zhao

Sophia Zhao is a student at Yale University from Newark, Delaware. Her creative work has been nationally recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and is featured or forthcoming in the Adroit Journal, Up the Staircase Quarterly, the Indianapolis Review, and elsewhere. She enjoys painting, poetry, and jasmine tea.• Photo by Sophia Zhao


Editorial Note


Megan Kim
“Fox Girl”

Đỗ Nguyên Mai

Seelai Karzai

E. J. Koh

Rita Mookerjee
“Hamsapaksha, or the Swan’s Wing Mudra”

Franny Choi
“Prayer for the Untranslated Testimony”
“Demilitarized Zone”

Cat Wei
“Dancing at the Get Down”